What CU execs are saying about Dwight

Thanks for your insights over the years. I find your observations more dependable and based on common sense. — D.F.

Dwight, I always enjoyed your webinars. And while some may have been cringing when you brought bad news, I actually looked forward to it just so I could hear
the way you'd deliver it with that dry wit of yours.— P.G.

I will continue to follow your blogs, for your insight is greatly appreciated and gives me a grounded perspective on the realities of this world (along with your great sense of humor.)  Taking the good, the bad, and the ugly gives a more rounded opinion to identify our own risks and strategic directions to roll forward.— D.H.

I am thrilled that you continue to write!  As one of your fans already noted,
if I only have time to read one article in a day, it will be yours!— K.B.

Dwight, your daily commentary is informative and entertaining . . .  I have started every  business day with your email, a bagel and a diet coke. I don't care what anyone says, those three items make up the breakfast of champions!— D.S.

Dwight, thank you for keeping up your market commentary!
I couldn't imagine starting my day without it!— M.F.

Glad I still can read your posts.  You are eloquent and you make complicated issues less so. Thanks for everything.— L.J.

I ... always enjoyed your daily updates.
Thank you for doing what you do.— B.A.

You are a favorite of Beehive Federal Credit Union.— S.B.

I've enjoyed reading your commentaries.  You spoke
at our chapter several years ago and told us what was coming.  It was great!— S.H.

Thank you for your continued efforts to provide credit unions thoughtful
and valuable economic insight.  Mahalo!— E.R.

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed your webcasts while you were at Wescorp.  I also appreciate hearing the "real" news instead of what we would like it to be.  I am grateful to be able to continue to hear what you have to say.— B.R.

My mornings always include your comments on the markets and the economy.— J.R.

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