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BASIC Subscription

Subscribers will be given access to a password-protected web page containing the Longer-term Commentary and Daily Commentary with frequent intra-day updates. Users can also elect to receive opening and closing commentaries via e-mail (Please note that preference with a comment on the Contact page and we will add you to our email list serve. You may opt out at any time.). Additionally, email alerts/tweets will be sent during the day on any major market developments.

  • Daily Commentary
  • Monthly Long Term commentaries
  • Intra-day updates
  • Breaking News alerts

PREMIUM Subscription

Includes all the features of the Basic Subscription, and will also include at least four special research reports per year on timely topics that could impact credit union business lines. This fee will also include all web casts. In addition, this package will offer PREMIUM subscribers the opportunity to add 4 additional users to each primary account (users at credit unions or their board members) for one year—giving a total of five users access to the perks at this level.

A special feature at this level will be an Interest Rate Forecast package and Economic Chart package. The Interest Rate Forecast will include Dwight’s forecast, three alternative scenarios, and the consensus among Wall Street economists for rates and key economic indicators. The Economic Chart Package will include the latest key economic indicators. Both of these packages will be updated once per month. Many users will find these packages useful to include in their ALCO and Board packages along with the Longer-term Commentary.

  • Webcasts
  • Periodic research reports
  • Interest rate forecasts
  • Economic charts

ON-SITE services

Please contact DJ directly at (909) 215-3657


Dwight Johnston has delivered many economic presentations for annual board planning sessions as well as industry meetings. Dwight focuses on easy to understand explanations of the challenges ahead for credit unions. A key feature of each presentation is an analysis of different outcomes, which helps credit unions during planning sessions in focusing on the risks and opportunities ahead. These presentations have been very well received. Fees and references are available on request.

We can also help with any custom educational needs. If you need either in-house or member education in the field of economics, interest rates, and fixed income portfolio management, let us see if we can help. Either call the number above, or ask for specific information on our Contact page.

Consulting and Portfolio Reviews

In addition to his economic expertise, Dwight has over thirty years in the investment business and has managed large bond portfolios in the past. As investment of liquidity becomes more challenging in this low interest rate environment, Dwight can review your portfolio and make general recommendations in light of your overall balance sheet structure. This will not be a number crunching service. Dwight will take your data and provide a written analysis regarding structure and quality. This service will be an independent outsider’s look at your portfolio. Fee will be dependent on requirements of the credit union.

Services under this category are flexible. You might just need some ad hoc advice from time to time. If so, let us know.

  • Board planning sessions
  • Industry meetings
  • Risk analysis
  • Education
  • Portfolio reviews
  • Consulting, ad hoc advice